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A timely reservation for the

Watt guides is required.
Due to weather and water influences, mud flats,

be canceled or postponed, even at short notice.

                                       Prices per person

                      Watt tour to the seal bank   about 4   Hours.   €27

                      Great Watt experience tour            about 3   Hours.   €17
                      Watt guidance against the tide       approx. 2.5 hours   €12
                      Explore the Wadden Sea          about 2   Hours.   €10

                      Family mudflat tour Duhnen       approx. 1.5 hours     €8.00


                       Rental of rubber boots per pair €5 (size 30 to 50)

H&K Watt guides
Phone 0172 919 65 64

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