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Our mudflat guide Anja with our sun dog Dali. Dali comes from the  Sonnenhunde eV Dali comes from Mallorca, where he didn't have a nice life. Anja brought Dali to Cuxhaven with the help of Sonnenhunde eV. Here he now enjoys his life, he only has his problems with getting up early and the temperatures.

We regularly donate to the animal shelter in Cuxhaven

Animal welfare a paw a promise eV en.

For your safety, we have purchased two devices for automatically locating our Watt guides. Only we, in Cuxhaven, have purchased this for your safety. See here

We donated a device to the Jordsand association on Neuwerk. See here


The device continuously sends the position of the mud flats to the Duhnen rescue station and to the Cuxhaven fire brigade. With a single press of the Alert button we can call for help.  

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